How to Keep Your Neck Fit?

Strengthen muscles around the neck. Sometimes, the muscles that connect your your body and your body and your neck are the ones that are weak/tight, which can cause your neck to hurt. Specifically, the muscles that shrug your shoulders (the trapezius and the levitator scapulae) could be in a feeble, contracted state and leave your neck hurting. The solution would be to do exercises to mobilize and reinforce them so they hold up in a relaxed way on their own. Here are two exercises for this:

Shrugs with Weights: Holding medium to heavy dumbbells (you could use gallon jugs of water), lift your shoulders up toward your ears in a huge shrug, and then lower. Duplicate 10 shrugs.

Transfer your shoulders forward, up and about in a large circle. Do this four times, then reverse four shoulder circles.

Stretch your torso and shoulders. As in the previous paragraph, if you are taking tension in your arms and shoulders, it will affect your neck. The “Wall Chest Stretch” is an effective way to stretch and release these muscles. Stand with your body in a doorway even with the door frame. With your arm bent in a right angle, palm up, place your left forearm on the edge of the frame 90 degrees from your own body. Step forwards with your left leg. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat reach on the other side.

Marshal your head. Most of the time , how we hold our head is unconscious. To help improve your awareness of how you're holding your head and to allow you to let go of unnecessary tension, practice doing these straightforward head mobilization exercises.

Neck Turnings: Sitting straight or standing, readily rotate your head until you feel a little stretch on one other side. Then rotate the other way. Do this a few times and discover if you get a little more rotation by the third time approximately.

Sitting right or standing, easily lean your head to the side trying to not arch your neck. Hold for a second, and after that tilt to the other side. Do each side and after that lean to one side and roll your head around to another side and to the front. Let your head reach somewhat to the back, but not entirely back as this not a superb position for the cervical spine. Roll the head the other way after which return to right up. Get more tips for managing your neck at neck pain forum

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