Benefits of using card game tracking software

The online card games have drastically changed over the past 4 years mainly due to the introduction of card game tracking software which gathers all the hand histories played at your table and stores them in the database on your hard drive.  The software integrates the “Heads Up Display” feature which them takes the information stored in the database, translates it into a useful information and places this information beside yours and your opponents name on the screen in the real time.

Many people fear that the software will put an end to the massive win rates the good players were able to produce in the early days of card games. Though some truth lies in this statement, with the decreasing win rates for the average to good players, the very good to excellent players can still have a very healthy win rate.

This means that some players who use the card game tracking software bovada do not use it to the maximum of their or software’s ability. This however does not mean that big losing players will now become breakeven players as they can see their results in front of their eyes after a session. They can compare their stats to the stats of the player who always win and try to replicate their style. This helps them finding their leaks quicker than they normally would.