Top 3 Home Espresso Machines

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Picking out a home espresso machine that fits your bill isn’t easy, but the following best espresso machines are the top choices and have really good ratings by actual customers. If you want to save time, then they are worthy of your consideration.

Jura Ena Micro 1

Priced around $750, the Jura Ena Micro 1 is a pricey option, but the sleek system won’t take up valuable kitchen counter space without skimping on features. The Micro 1 offers aroma-preservation technology that keeps the coffee beans fresh. The bean-to-cup grinding allows the beans to be ground as required without wasting any coffee and it maximizes the quality as well. Micro 1 features an automatic energy-saving mode as well as a zero-energy switch to minimize the energy consumption. Micro 1 also features an intelligent preheating system as well to ensure that your shot of espresso is always served at optimal temperature.

Gaggia Classic

Gaggia Classic is the perfect choice for those who want to compete with the industrial espresso machines without paying the same premium. Priced around $400, it offers a lot of value with its heavy-duty brass components, chrome plating, and stainless steel housing. Gaggia Classic is built to last and the unique three-way valve lets you remove the portafilter immediately after the shot is prepared. This saves you some time between the shots while the 72-ounce water reservoir means you’ll last throughout the week. Gaggia Classic is compatible with most of the coffee pods and it also features a hot water dispenser for tea lovers.

Nespresso Inissia

Nespresso Inissia, at a price of $100, provides quality espresso making on a budget. It may not feature the premium construction of some costlier options, but it’s a solid product through and through. With a quick 25-second preheat time and the ability to pour a 40ml espresso cup or a 110ml Lungo cup, Inissia is the perfect home espresso machine. However, it can only brew Nespresso-brand capsules, but the company has a wide range of flavors to offer.

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