From Manhattan Project to Policy Advocacy: Federation of American Scientists’ Journey

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) has a unique history, transitioning from a group of scientists who built the world’s first atomic bombs to a powerful voice for global security and scientific progress.

Federation of American Scientist
  1. Founding and Mission:
  • Founded in 1945 by scientists, including those who worked on the Manhattan Project, FAS aims to make the world more secure using science and scientific analysis.
  • Their mission is to deploy cutting-edge technology, new ideas in science, and talent to address significant global challenges.
  1. Areas of Focus:
  • FAS engages in policy analysis, public education, and outreach.
  • They collaborate with civil rights, human rights, and arms control groups, emphasizing grassroots organizing.
  • Key domains include technology, innovation, environmental justice, the bioeconomy, and nuclear weapons.
  1. Recent Work:
  • FAS addresses chronic absenteeism in schools, advocates for standards in the U.S. bioeconomy, and improves public health through medicolegal death investigations.
  • They also focus on federal permitting processes and government innovation.
  1. Vision:
  • FAS envisions a world where science and technology contribute to a healthy, safe, prosperous, and equitable society.

Learn More: Visit the Federation of American Scientists website for more information on their ongoing work.